• Exclusive fishing right in the Urvold river

    The Urvold watercourse undoubtedly has one of the thickest spawning stocks of sea trout in Norway. The water is crystal clear and in autumn you can often see several hundred fish standing as if in the deep pools, but the clear water means that the fish are shy and most of the catch is taken in Urvoldvatnet. This is a sea trout watercourse with some small salmon and where the river is most suitable for a one-handed fly-fishing rod or a lure/spinner. The watercourse is Norway’s southernmost that has a stable arctic char stock.

    In the surrounding mountains there is a series of good mountain waters. Some are easy to reach, others lie a walk of some hours away across undisturbed areas. As a rule, you can walk for many days without meeting other people.

  • Comfortable cabin suitable for 6 people

    The cabin is approx. 45 m2. It has a living room with kitchen, a dining area and sofa suite, two bedrooms with family bunk beds, and an open loft area for two. There is a propane stove with an oven, a propane fridge with freezer and a good supply of kitchen utensils. The cabin is fitted with a solar panel with 230 V converter and USB charger.

    There is also an outhouse with wood-heated sauna, shower and outside toilet.

    There is a separate boathouse with bunks by Urvoldvatnet where fishing equipment can lie until the next day.

  • Urvold - a unique nature experience

    Urvold watercourse is protected because of its unique geography, its undisturbed nature and its rich population of sea trout and salmon. Many kilometres from its nearest neighbour, the cabin lies in a little valley where the mountains rise around you from all directions and where it takes some time before you realize where the river has found its way out again.

    The cabin lies right next to the Urvold river and is built on the grounds of an old farm. There is a road all the way to the door. The location is suitable for up to 6 persons.


Urvold lies at the end of an dirt road used for forestry. This is a special place, a small valley with mountains rising up on both sides. The Urvold river flows past the cabin at a distance of a few meters. The first time you are there, it is difficult to imagine where the river flows out of the valley. The anadromous part of the upper river goes up to about 500 meters past the cabin.

Sea trout, salmon and sea-run char

Our guests at Urvold have exclusive fishing right in the upper part of the Urvold river. Here you will find sea trout, salmon and occasionally a sea-run arctic char finds its way up the river. Most of the char is caught in the lake or lower parts of the river. The watercourse is dominated by the sea trout, but salmon is present. The river is gin clear and offers a very special and intimate fishing experience. In Urvold you can walk along the bank and spot fish before you cast to them. The river is well suited for single hand fly fishing. The water level changes rapidly and the stretch upstream from the cabin is best on higher water levels. If the water level is low lots of fish pile up down in the Urvold lake, waiting for higher levels and further migration up the river. The river mouth is a hot spot! Our guests have 3 boats in lake Urvold at their disposal. Early in the season, we recommend a trip down to the fjord where you can fish the river mouth. PS! Guests at Ureidet have an exclusive right on the north side of the river mouth and lower river.

It’s also possible to buy fishing licence for the Åelva river, located 15min driving from Urvold. River Åelva is significantly large river than Urvold and holds considerably more salmon. Daily licence cost approx. NOK 300.

Guests at the Plahte Estate can also fish for salmon and sea trout in the Terråk river which run right through the town of Terråk.

Trout and arctic char

There is several good lakes in the area, both up in the mountains and down in the forest. From the cabin you can hike up to lake Skavvatnet where the trout is of good size and quality. The biggest fish we have heard of is 3 kilos. Lake Trollskardvatn is also a popular destination. If you want to fish lakes without hiking for hours you can visit the Glømmen lakes and lake Sandskartjørna.

Fishing regulations Urvold watercourse


Trout: 01/6 – 14/9

Salmon: 01/7 – 15/8

Char: 01/7 – 31/8

Bag limit:

Trout: 5

Salmon: 1

Char: 1

It is not allowed to kill more than 1 trout in the upper river (upstream lake Urvold). The remaining bag limit can be killed in the lake or the fjord.


Allowed baits are fly, spoons, spinners and wobblers. It is now allowed to use more than one treble hook.

In the period of 01/8 – 14/9 it is fly fishing (with fly rod and fly line) only on the upper river (upstream lake Urvold).

Size limits:

All char above 40cm must be released. All trout and salmon above 60cm must be released.

Fishing rules for the Plahte Estate




Main cabin about 45 m2 with a living room/kitchen/dining section and a lounge suite, 2 bedrooms, a shed with a sauna, outhouse and shower, one shed for wood and for hanging up slaughter. Totally sleeping accommodation for 7 persons, 2 beds in each bedroom and 3 on the loft. Boat-house by Urvoldvatnet with benches. Small cabin for 2 person by Reppenvatn.


Good standard, dining table for 6 persons, corner sofa, coffee table and 2 chairs.

Kitchen utensils:

Plenty of plates, cutlery, pots and pans for 6 persons.

Technical equipment:

Running cold and hot water in the cabin, propane fridge with a freezer, propane stove/oven in the cabin. Kerosine lamps in the cabin. Shower in the shed with a propane water heater. Wood-heated sauna, wood-burning stove (with an open fire) in the cabin. Wood-burning stove and a propane burner in the cabin by Reppenvatn. Possibilities for freezing fish.

Boats etc.


3 Hansvik rowing boats in Urvoldvatn and a rowing boat in the fjord.

Floating equipment:

6 life jackets, 70-90 kg, lie in the boat-house by Urvoldvatn.

Other information


The cabin lies on the yard of the now abandoned Urvold farm, 10 km from Åbygda.


By car via Terråk, then further on to Åbygda, 29 km from Terråk. Driving by car up to the cabin.

Map reference

M711- series: nr. 1825 III and a little on 1825 II


The Urvold cabin: N65o 07,524´- E 12o 38,349´
Boat-house Urvoldvatn: N65o 08,507´ – E12o 37,586´
The Reppa cabin : UTM 7226900-33W 0390425


Arrival: The guests are received at our office and given information about the possibilities in the area.


You have to bring your own bed linen or a combination of bed sheets and a sleeping bag.

Guiding etc.

Tour guide and fishing guide can be organized.


To Rørvik airport: 110 km, Brønnøysund airport: 130 km.

Net coverage

No net coverage by the cabin. Partly coverage on Telenor’s net on the lake.

Price & booking

Prices 2021

Total price per week (price is valid for up to 6 persons).

29/5 – 12/6: NOK. 19.500,-

Equals a price per person per day less than NOK 480 if you are 6 guests.

12/6 – 14/8: NOK. 28.000,-

Equals a price per person per day less than NOK 670 if you are 6 guests.

For an additional NOK. 4000, you will have exclusive fishing rights for the entire anadromous part of the watercourse (Ureidet, Lake Urvold, and the upper river)

15/8 – 09/9: NOK. 32.500,-

Equals a price per person per day less than NOK 775 if you are 6 guests.

In the period of 14/8 – 14/9 the price includes exclusive fishing rights for the entire anadromous part of the watercourse (Ureidet, Lake Urvold and the upper river)

In the period of 14/8 – 11/9 it’s possible to book 3 or 4 days of fishing for the following prices:

Saturday – Wednesday: NOK. 19.000,-

Wednesday – Saturday: NOK. 14.500,-

For 3 or 4 day bookings in the period of 15/8 – 09/9 please use the conctact form or give us a call.


Cabin, bed linen, fishing rights, three boats in Urvoldvatnet, firewood, propane etc.

Price is valid for up to 6 persons. For more than 6 persons, there is an extra cost of NOK 2000/person/week.

Do you have any questions? Please take contact with us:


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Interactive map of the entire Plahte Estate

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More info about the area

Plahtes Eiendommer

The Plahte Estate (Plahtes Eiendommer) is one of the largest privately owned land areas in Norway. Varied and vast areas of breathtaking beauty with healthy populations of game and fish, clean water and fresh air.

Basic, but comfortable cabins. Some of them very remote, others more easily accessible. Enjoy life in pristine surroundings, be it for fishing, hunting or gathering berries, mushrooms or mussels, or be it just to recharge your batteries doing nothing at all but enjoy the scenery and peace.

History of Urvold and Ureidet


Urvold was an isolated farm till the road was built many years after the last family moved from there. The tenants at Urvold only had paths to walk on, about 10 km to Åbygda. But during summer-time, when they could row across Ureidvatn, they only had a short way to the fjord and to the farmers at Ureidet.

The last tenants to live here came from Reppen around 1912. Since then the farm Reppen has been abandoned. They were two brothers from Trøndelag, Bernhard and Jørgen Urvold, known for being very strong but modest men.


During WW I, some ore was to be carried from a prospect 2-3 km in the mountains in very hilly and difficult terrain down to a ship that was waiting in the fjord. Bernhard and Jørgen took on this job, and the burdens were weighed afterwards. Bernhard had carried 105 kg, his «little brother» Jørgen 95 kg. Bernhard told that he during the winter of 1917 drove 11.000 logs to the Urvold water system, and it took him two summers to get them floated down to the fjord.

During WW II a dramatic event took place at Urvold. Some people from a resistancce cell (from company Linge) ran from the Germans after a battle with shooting at Majavatn. They took shelter in the farmhouse at Urvold, but the police deputy and his assistant got the message about this, and came there, to capture the resistance men. The resistance men were afraid to fall in the hands of the Germans, and shot both the deputy and his assistant and later managed to flee to safety in Sweden. While the old farmhouse was still standing there, on the site of the new cabin, you could see the holes from the bullets in the wall in the entrance hall and in the kitchen. The old farmhouse was taken down and rebuilt as shelters along the path in Terråkmarka, if you go up to Fugleburet you will see them. Not unlikely you might find the holes from the bullets in some of the logs.


The farm Ureidet lay at the outlet of the river into the fjord. The last tenants were Jørgen and Alvilde Urvold. During WW II they cut the hay in Reppen, 7-8 km away in hilly and difficult terrain for transport. They had no horse on the farm, and therefore had to drag the hay on a sledge when it was possible to cross the lakes on the ice. It is a mystery how they managed to take the sledge down the steep and difficult terrain with no paths, but they managed. During the war they had to take care of everything possible to survive.





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