• Sea trout and salmon fishing in the fantastic Eide watercourse

    Øvereidet offers good and varied fishing. Eidevatnet is considered to be one of the region’s best lakes for sea trout fishing and small salmon. The Øvereid river is a typical sea trout and small salmon river, approx. 150 m long and quite fast flowing. Fishing with worms/spinner is common, but fly fishing is also enjoyed. The outlet is long and narrow, and functions like a continuation of the river. Upstream of the cabin there is a large area both for inland fishing and sea trout and wild salmon.

  • Charming cabin with a view

    The log cabin and is approx. 20 m2. There is a seating area, dining alcove with propane cooker, propane fridge and pantry. The equipment needed for 4 persons is provided. A cellar keeps food cold. The cabin is fitted with a solar panel with 230 V converter and USB charger. There is a freezer at the car park.

    A separate approx. 20 m2 sleeping annex consists of two bedrooms with bunk beds, and an entrance for outer clothes. There is a separate woodshed and outside toilet.

  • Beautifully located far from any neighbours

    Øvereidet lies in beautiful surroundings right by the river that connects Fjellvatnet and Eidevatnet. One of Norway’s largest protected coniferous forest reserves lies right in front of the cabin.

    Even though the cabin lies many kilometres from its nearest neighbour, access to the cabin is easy. Park your car at Kalbekkvika, and drive the boat down Storvatnet and then Fjellvatnet to its outlet. From there, walk approx. 200 m to the log cabin. This location is suitable for 2–4 persons.



The river is short and swift, but has a couple of good spots for fishing with angler worm.

The river is about 150 meters long, and is quite swift. The fishing in the river itself is more sensitive to the water flow compared to Sagmestereidet. At high or very low water flows, the fish mainly stands at the inlet/outlet of the river. The fishing in the two lakes is normally good throughout the season. In the main part of the river, you would normally choose to fish with angler worm. In the outlet, fly fishing and fishing with spoon/spinning bait is used. Our guests have exclusive rights for fishing on the riverbank closest to the lodge.

Lake Eidevatn

The river flows into the Eide lake. The fishing is normally good throughout the year. The few people that live in the area have fishing rights in this lake (maximum two boats). If this is your first time in this lake, we recommend a chat with one of the locals for tips on fishing techniques.

Lake Fjellvatnet, Storvatnet and other lakes

In Fjellvatnet and Storvatnet, the fishing is equally good, but the best season is from mid/end July.

The length of the water system (with sea trout and salmon) you can reach from this cabin is about 13 km. long. In the lower part you will mainly fish for sea trout and wild salmon. In the upper part (storvatnet/Fjellvatnet) there is also stationary trout. There is also arctic char in the main water system and in some of the smaller lakes

Guests at Øvereidet can also fish for trout and arctic char in mountain- or forest lakes. For more information browse through the album in this tab.

Fishing rules for the Plahte Estate




Hand-logged cabin about 20 m2, annex with 2 bedrooms, wood-storage and outhouse. Up to 6 sleeping places, 2 in the cabin on a sofa and a matress, 4 in the annex.


Basic and practical standard, one small living room and a small pantry kitchen table for 4 persons, corner sofa and a coffee table in the cabin. 2 bedrooms and a washroom in the annex. Down quilts and pillows for 4 persons in the annex. Good drinking water Eidevatn.

Kitchen utensils:

Plenty of plates, cutlery, pots and pans for 4 persons.

Technical equipment:

Propane fridge and burner in the cabin. Solar panel with USB chargers, lights and small 230V  converter for charging mobile phones etc.  No running water. Kerosine lamps in the cabin. Freezer in the boat-house in Kalbekkvika.

Boats etc.


A 16′ aluminium boat with a med 5 Hp motor in Storvatnet/ Fjellvatnet for transport to Øvereidet, and two 12′ aluminium boats with 5 Hp motors in Eidevatn just outside the cabin.

Floating equipment:

6 life jackets, 70-90 kg, lie in the boat-house in Kalbekkvika. There are no vests in the boats at Eidevatn, so you have to bring the vests from the boat in Storvatnet/ Fjellvatnet. Other sizes on request.

Other information


The cabin lies in the middle of the Eide water system, about 30 metres from Øvereideelva and from Eidevatn and about 250 metres from the boat in Fjellvatnet. 4 km to the fjord and the nearest cabin.


By car to Kalbekkvika and by boat from there about 7 km down Storvatn/ Fjellvatn.

Map reference

M711- series: nr. 1825 III and IV.


Cabin: UTM 7239230- 33W 0384310


Arrival: Our guests are received at the car parking at Kalbekkvika where they get driving instructions from there to Øvereidet, information about fishing and other possibilities in the area.


Made beds only on request, bedclothes have to be brought unless settled otherwise.

Guiding etc.

Tour guiding to eg. caves in the area, fishing guide etc. can be organized on request.

Net coverage

Limitted net coverage on Telenor’s net on the path between Fjellvatn and the cabin.

Price & booking

Prices 2021

Total price per week (price is valid for up to 4 persons).

29/5 – 12/6: Kr. 16.000,-

Equals approx. NOK 500 per person per day if you are 4 guests.

12/6 – 31/7: Kr. 19.000,-

Equals less than NOK 650 per person per day if you are 4 guests.

31/7 – 11/9: Kr. 16.000,-

Equals approx. NOK 500 per person per day if you are 4 guests.


Cabin, fishing rights, two boats with outboard engine in Eidevatn, boat with outboard engine in Storvatnet/Fjellvatnet, fuel, firewood, propane etc.

The price is valid for up to 4 persons. For more than 4 persons, there is an extra cost of NOK 1500/person/week.

Do you have any questions? Please take contact with us:


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Interactive map of the entire Plahte Estate

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More info about the area


In the narrow passage between the lakes Eidevatn and Fjellvatnet, potholes and deep furrows in the rocks are marks left by the glaciers that covered the land more than 10 000 years ago. The river connecting the two lakes flows swiftly past our cabin at Øvereidet. Even though the cabin lies several miles from its nearest neighbour, it is easily reached by boat, parking the car at Kalbekkvika.

The river is short and swift, but has a couple of good spots for fishing with angler worm. The inlet and outlet of the river provide good conditions, also for fly-fishing. The lakes are among the best in the region for sea trout and salmon fishing.

Plahtes Eiendommer

The Plahte Estate (Plahtes Eiendommer) is one of the largest privately owned land areas in Norway. Varied and vast areas of breathtaking beauty with healthy populations of game and fish, clean water and fresh air.

Basic, but comfortable cabins. Some of them very remote, others more easily accessible. Enjoy life in pristine surroundings, be it for fishing, hunting or gathering berries, mushrooms or mussels, or be it just to recharge your batteries doing nothing at all but enjoy the scenery and peace.

History of Øvereidet (Fjellet)


The farm, Fjellet, was first mentioned in 1667 under the name Kvastenbukt. The farm is, however, much older and was, like Søbergsli, part of the Norwegian/Danish king’s properties in Nordland and Troms. The King was forced to hand over his properties in northern Norway to pay off his war debts to the financier Jocum Irgens in 1666. Part of the land was later purchased by Julius Jakhelln in 1973 who built a sawmill on Risøya at the outlet of the Bindalsfjord. For further details, see under “About us, history”

Fjellet is part of the Plahte Estate in Bindal, bordering in the north and east to Brønnøy. It was one of the few farms in the area where the grain did not freeze. The last tenant at Fjellet was Albert Johansen from Hongbarstad, married to the daughter; Jenny, on the farm. This was in the 1930’s. Rivers and lakes had to be crossed to reach other farms and/or shops. At wintertime many people drowned when trying to cross the waters on insecure ice. Jenny and Albert Johansen lost two children in this tradgic way. They left the farm in 1949 to settle at Tjennesmyra at Kalbekkvika. Shortly after a heavy storm severly damaged the farm houses at Fjellet. All that remains today are the foundations of the main house.

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