• Our most varied fishing destination

    From Kalbekkvika at Storvatn you reach perhaps the most varied fishing on the estate. You can fish for sea trout and wild salmon in the two rivers or choose between several good inland lakes and mountain lakes. The Eide watercourse is a typical small salmon watercourse where the rivers are most suitable for one-hand fly fishing or worm bait / a spinner.

    Our guests at Kalbekkvika share the large approx. 100 km2 area with guests at Sørengvatn.

  • Our most comfortable cabin

    The cabin is approx. 55 m2 with a terrace and a view of the lake. There is a large living room, modern kitchen with induction hob and dishwasher. There are three double bedrooms, and an open loft area for up to 3 persons. There is an ordinary toilet. Beds are prepared on arrival. A small annex can be used as an extra bedroom for 2 persons.

    There is an outhouse with shower and sauna / drying room. There is a boathouse and facilities for smoking fish. Up in the mountain, at Søbergsvatnet, there is a small hut that is included in the rental (shared with Sørengvatn).

  • Vassbygda - every fishermans dream!

    Kalbekkvika is situated at Storvatnet at the innermost part of the Eide watercourse.
    It is a family friendly place with good fishing, beautiful waterfalls, rich animal and bird life, large limestone caves and several cultural monuments.

    Forest roads and several large lakes make it easy to reach varied natural surroundings with good and all-round fishing. There is access by car to the door and it is only approx. 1 hour from the nearest airport. The location is suitable for up to 6 (maximum 8) persons.


Sea trout and salmon

For those who enjoy fishing sea trout and salmon will find the lakes and rivers in the area attractive. Fish migrates through both lake Fjellvatnet and Storvatnet on their way to Aunelva and other spawning locations. Each year several nice sea trouts and salmons are caught in these lakes. Trolling is an effective method. If you want fish rivers Øvereidelva and Aunelva are good places to start. The Øvereidelva is steep and swift, but Aunelva offers fishing in calm and slow flowing waters.

Trout and arctic char

In the lakes of the Eide watercourse you will also find brown trout and arctic char. If you are out trolling for sea trout/salmon you might just as well hook up with a big brown trout. The arctic char is usually not the biggest and is often caught on spin fishing equipment. In addition to the Eide watercourse you will also find char in the two lakes called Mølnvatnet. The lake close to mountain Hardangsfjellet usually holds the best sized fish of two Mølnvatnet lakes. Lake Godvatnet is one of the best lakes for trout fishing on the estate.

Mountain lake fishing

Lake Søbergsvatn is classic mountain lake, with trout of good size and quality. Several of our guests claims this is the best lake on the estate for trout fishing. Lower- and upper Urdstjørn are also fine lakes. The upper lake holds the biggest fish.

Fishing rules for the Plahte Estate




Fully insulated cabin 55 m2 with kitchen, living room, 2 bed-rooms, bathroom and storage room, shed, outhouse, wood-heated sauna and boat-house. A wooden lavvo (sami tent) available for parts of the stay at Søbergsvatn.


Good standard, dining room with seats for 8 persones, coach lounge with 2+3 seats and chairs, kitchen section with oven, 2 bedrooms with 4 bunk beds, loft with 3 matresses, a separate room for the shower and a storage room. 4 bunks in the lavvo at Søbergsvatn.

Kitchen utensils:

Plenty of cutlery, plates, pots and pans for up to 9 persons. Coffee maker.

Technical equipment:

Electricity in the cabin. Running cold and hot water, shower, small fridge in the kitchen and a bigger one in the storage room, electrical stove/oven in the kitchen, wood-burning stove in the living room. Freezer, fish-slicing bench and running water and a drying room in the shed.

Boats etc.


Two Hansvik 14,5′ with a 5 Hp outboard engine in Storvatn/Fjellvatn. Rowing boat available in Søbergsvatn, Govatn and in Strauman that has to be shared with our guests at Sørengvatn. There is a canoe at Kalbekkvika. Rowing boat in Eidevatn can be arranged.

Floating equipment:

6 life jackets for 70-90 kg lie in the shed by the cabin. Other sizes on request. There are no life jackets in the boats in Søbergsvatn, Govatn and Strauman, so you have to bring from the cabin.

Other information


Innermost in the Eide water system about 20 metres from Storvatnet. About 65 km from Brønnøysund in the direction of Tosbotn.


You can drive your car up to the cabin.

Map reference

M711- series: nr. 1825 III and IV.


Cabin: UTM 7240273- 33W 0389480


Arrival: Our guests are received at the car parking at Kalbekkvika where they get information about fishing and other possibilities in the area.


There are 4 made beds upon arrival, more made beds upon request.

Guiding etc.

Hiking guide, perhaps to caves in the area, fishing/hunting guide, sledding with sled dogs in winter time and cooking services in the cabin can be arranged.

Net coverage

Quite good net coverage on Telenor’s net by the cabin.

Price & booking

Prices 2021

Total price per week (price is valid for up to 6 persons).

08/05 – 12/06 NOK 16,500

Equals less than NOK 400 per person per day if you are 6 guests.

12/06 – 04/09 NOK 21,500

Equals less than NOK 500 per person per day if you are 6 guests.


Cabin, prepared beds, access to extra hut up in the mountain, fishing rights, boat with outboard engine in Storvatnet, boats in several other lakes, electricity, fuel, firewood, propane etc.

Price is valid for up to 6 persons. For more than 6 persons, there is an extra cost of NOK 1500/person/week.

Do you have any questions? Please take contact with us:


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Interactive map of the entire Plahte Estate

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More info about the area


At the inner part of the Eide water system, at the north eastern part of the lake Storvatnet, lies Kalbekkvika. For the fishermen, it gives great possibilities for both sea trout, salmon and trout fishing in numerous lakes. For the hunter, you have one of our best terrains for woodland birds, with also good areas for grouse and ptarmigan. For the nature lover, this is the place where we have the densest population of moose and a strong population of Golden Eagle.

Extra hut at lake Søbergsvatn

By the lake Søbergsvatn you will find a wooden lavvo (sami tent) which our guests at Sørengvatn and Kalbekkvika dispose during their stay. Guests at Kalbekkvika have the hut at disposal from Saturday 13.00 until Wednesday 13.00. Guests at Sørengvan have the hut at disposal from Wednesday 14.00 until Saturday 13.00. If the guests from the other party do not want to make use of it one can always stay there outside the given timing. Ask your Plahte Estate representative or the other party directly to arrange for this.

History of Kalbekkvika

Kalbekkvika ia an old name for the inlet by this cabin. Kalbekken is the name of the stream running past the cabin and out in Kalbekkvika. Maybe a man named Karl (Kal) gave the name to Kalbekkvika, or maybe the stream was cold (kald)? The community around is called Vassbygda. It was an isolated area before the road between Hommelstø and Lande was built in 1913. Half of the farms that existed in Vassbygda earlier, are now abandoned. One of the two farms at Govassli had a boat and a boathouse in Kalbekkvika. The other farm had its boathouse at Fjellbukta in Fjellvatn.

As from 1873-1874 the watercourse became important for floating timber to the fjord. A sawmill was built on Risøya in Harangsfjorden. The timber was cut in the winter and taken to Kalbekkvika wherefrom it at spring- and summetime was floated down the watercourse and finally towed across the fjord to Risøya in Harangsfjorden. After 10 years of logging all trees above a certain diameter, which were in demand, had been taken out. Small trees were of no comersial value at that time, so the sawmill was closed down and dismantled in 1885. In 1908 a new and smaller sawmill was built at Terråk, marking the beginning of a new era. Once more timber from forests around Storvatn and Fjellvatn were floated down the watercourse to the fjord, this time to be towed to Terråk instead of to Risøya.

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