• Trout fishing in Terråkmarka nature area

    Terråkmarka is a big area with lots of fishing possibilities, both in streams, small lakes and bigger lakes.

    The place offers good trout fishing in the area near the cabin. It is possible to catch sea trout/salmon in the lower part of the water system, and utilize high-mountain fishing in the inner parts. A small boat by the lake is included, also a boat on the fjord for those who want to try that kind of fishing. Local people are allowed to fish, but usually you can hike for days without meeting anyone. Suitable for 4 persons.

  • Idyllically situated cabin for 4 people

    The cabin is 25 m2. It is well equipped, and has duvets and pillows for 4, a propane stove/oven in the kitchen and a wood-burning stove in the living room. No running water, but good drinking water in the lake. Wood shed and outhouse. An aluminium box, that works as a fridge, is buried in the march just behind the cabin.  5 km kilometres further in the mountains,lies “Tønna”, a small hut that can be used if you want to explore the inner parts of the watercourse.

  • The magnificent Terråkmarka

    A 78 km2 watercourse with only one cabin for rental. Numerous lakes and streams. Both mountain trout fishing and sea trout/ salmon.

    The cabin lies 30 metres from Nervatnet in Terråkvassdraget. It is small, but practically and nicely furnished. It is about 3,5 km from the parking site (easy hiking). There are a few cabins in the area. Further in the mountain lies “Tønna”, which is included in the rent, and gives shelter if you want to utilize the inner parts of the watercourse.


Fishing close to the cabin

In the lake next to the cabin and in many of the other lakes in the area, you will find good and varied fishing possibilities. Lake Nervatnet which lies right next tot the cabin holds a good population of troutm with “normal” size around 250 grams, but trout above 1 kg is common. The water colour is medium dark. The lake is best fished from boat. Both spin fishing, angling worm and fly fishing works well.

Mountain lake fishing

In Terråkmarka you will find several good fishing possibilities. If you are primarily interested in catching fish for dinner, you can visit almost any lake. Some lakes have fewer and bigger fish which is intriguing for the dedicated fisherman. Lake Nervatn, Mellavatn and Sørvatn are all easily accessed lakes which holds lots of fish, but as with all big lakes there’s some big ones lurking around.

The most dedicated anglers might want to visit Lake Svartvatnet, Svartåstjørna and Tverråsspøylan. If you dream about trout weighing more than 1 kilo, or 2 kilos for that matter, these are the lakes you should visit.

Lower parts of the watercourse

The lower parts of the Terråk river has several nice spots for Fishing sea trout and salmon. This is normally a good river, but it is quite tricky to fish on lower water levels. The river holds both big salmon and sea trout.

It’s also some trout fishing possibilities in the lower parts of the watercourse. Stillelva, Svartåsspøyla and Lake Fallbekkvatnet holds lot of fish often easy to catch.

Fishing rules for the Plahte Estate




Main cabin about 25 m2, an additional annex with wood and a separate outhouse. Boat-house. Additional lodging by Sørvatn, Tønna, about 5 m2.


Simple, but practical standard, 3-seat sofa, coffee table and 2 chairs and 4 bunk beds in the living room, down quilts and pillows for 4 persons. 2 bunks with matresses in Tønna.

Kitchen utensils:

Plenty of cutlery, plates, pots and pans for 4 persons in Fugleburet.

Technical equipment:

No running water, good drinking water about 20 metres from the cabin. Propane stove/oven in the kitchen, wood burning stove, An aluminium box is buried in the marsh just behind the cabin that works as a cellar. Kerosine lamps in the cabin. Small wood burning stove and a propane burner in Tønna.

Boats etc.


Rowing boat in the boat-house by Nedre Fuglevatn about 150 metres from the cabin, and a rowing boat in Sørvatn by Tønna. A 12” aluminium boat with a 6 Hp outboard engine in the fjord.

Floating equipment:

4 life jackets for 70-90 kg lie in the cabin. Other sizes you must bring with you. There are no life jackets in the boat in Sørvatn, so bring those you have in the cabin.

Other information


In Terråkmarka south of Terråk.


NEW IN 2020: We have built a road in the area, making the walk to the cabin shorten that it used to. Now you drive fairly close to the cabin and have to only walk 1.6 km (compared to the 3.5 km previously).

Map reference

M711- serie: nr. 1825 III and IV. A little also on 1824 IV


Cabin: N65°02,611´ – E12°20,461´
Boat-house Nervatn: N65°02,550´ – E12°20,350´
Tønna: N65°00,544´ – E12°18,953´


Arrival: Our guests are welcomed at Terråk and given information about fishing and other information about the place and the possibilities in the area. Our guests must bring their own bedclothes/sleeping bags unless otherwise settled upon.

Guiding etc.

Hiking/fishing guide and carrying of equipment to the cabin can be organized.


To Rørvik airport: 110 km, Brønnøysund airport: 130 km.

Net coverage

No net covarage around the cabin, but at some places along the path and on higher locations, on the mountains.

Price & booking

Prices 2022

Total price per week (price is valid for up to 4 people).

28/05 – 03/09 Kr. 9.500,-

Equals less than NOK 350 per person per day if you are 4 guests.


Cabin, extra hut at Sørvatnet, fishing rights, boat in Nervatnet, firewood, propane etc.

Price is valid for up to 4 people. For more than 4 people, there is an extra cost of NOK 1500/person/week.

Do you have any questions? Please take contact with us:


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Interactive map of the entire Plahte Estate

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More info about the area


This area of 17 000 acres holds several large and smaller lakes connected with small streams. In addition, the river Terråkelva runs from the lake Nervatnet to the fjord, close to the small village Terråk. The lower part of the Terråk river offers Sea trout and salmon Fishing. The cabin lies by Nervatn at an altitude of 180 meters above sea level, about three km. from where you park your car. It is simple but comfortable, and contains most of what a group of up to 4 people needs.

About 4 km further up the water system is a small hut called “Tønna” that gives shelter when using the innermost parts of the area. A boat in the fjord is also included.

Fugleburet lies next to Nervatnet, in the central part of the Terråk water system. This is a wonderful place for fishing, hunting or for just hiking in the mountains. In the summertime you can go for a refreshing swim in the lake. In the fall you will find generous amounts of berries and mushrooms. And in the winter it is a perfect starting point for exciting cross country skiing.

The cabin is old fashioned and small but comfortable. It has a kitchen with a propane apparatus with oven, and an additional wood burning oven. The living room has a lounge suite and 4 bunk beds. This primitive, yet comfortable and nice, cabin is well equipped for 4 people. There is no running water, but good drinking water in the lake just outside the outdoor steps.

A few kilometres further into the mountains, lies a tiny cabin(Tønna) that can be used by our guests to rest or sleep over, if they wish to explore and fish in the inner areas.

How to get there:
Fugleburet lies 3 km from the parking lot 2 km south on the main road to Terråk. The terrain is easy to walk in. You park close to the lake Falbekkvannet. The first part of the track is almost like a road. After about 1 km, a more modest track takes you twards Nervatnet.. A small sign tells you where to leave the track to get to the cabin.

History of Fugleburet

History section under development

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