At the Plahte Estate you will find four different watercourses where you can explore countless lakes, streams and rivers. A scarce number of cabins secures low fishing pressure and a sustainable exploitation of the resources.

Types of fishing

Sea trout and salmon

Freshwater fishing

Mountain fishing

Fly fishing

Fishing for everyone

Ice fishing


At the Plahte Estate we have sustainable and long term management of the natural resources in mind at all time. Large beats with low hunting pressure is key. Hunters returning to the estate year after year helps us succeed in our game management.

Types of hunting

Grouse and ptarmigan

Black grouse and capercaillie


Roe deer



Secluded cabins in the beautiful nature of Norway. Both big cabins suitable for two families travelling together and small and simple cabins in the wild. Most cabins are easy to reach but lies far from any neighbour.

What are you looking for?

Big and comfortable cabins

Small and charming cabins

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